Today’s Vox Pop – NYS Budget

This should be fun!  Today on Vox Pop ( 2pm)  I’ll welcome Frank Mauro of the Fiscal Policy Institute and E.J. McMahon of the Empire Center for New York State Policy  – and these guys will duke it out over the New York State Budget. 

You can listen live at and we always welcome you to call in with a question. 1-800-348-2551.  Or Tweet:

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2 Comments on “Today’s Vox Pop – NYS Budget”

  1. David Souers Says:

    I have been been a registered Republican for years, believing that American industry and business was a better solution than government. However, I have always understood that government created incentives and opportunities for business and citizens to advance their interests in ways that they could not do on their own. However, I have seen through this economic crisis that private American business can be so self-serving that they can bring down the world, and be as evil as any terrorist enterprise. I am immensely angry with the Republican party for being so un-American that they continue to put party above nation, and try to lead Americans into selfish uncooperative efforts to maximize their own political interests. These party first advocates have used government for their own self-interests while claiming that government is the problem. Some of these partisans now advocate hanging AIG officials with piano wire after giving AIG and others free license to run wild. While I also advocate holding corporate America responsible for their transgressions, I advocate holding Republicans responsible for their two faced positions, abuse of power and lies to the American people about how unimportant government is to a civilized orderly and well regulated nation of people. its time to change our national politics and through all bums out, including Republicans who continue to damage our nation with their self-interest.

  2. Jeff Glatzer Says:

    I am a station supporter. My primary residence is in Manahttan and I have a second home in Cinton, NY. I am a life long Democrat.
    I listened to your interview with Rory Hanson(sic?). If there was ever someone who is emblematic of the next generation of disgraceful state legislators, he is it. He is an unapologetic suck up to the leadership; with no apparent goal except to get along.

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