Today’s Vox Pop on Gay Marriage in NYS

A VERY interesting discussion on the Pop today. I welcomed Shaun Marie Levine,  the Executive Director, of the Conservative Party of NYS,  and Ross Levi who is the Director of Public Policy & Education for Empire State Pride Agenda. You can listen to the entire program here:

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6 Comments on “Today’s Vox Pop on Gay Marriage in NYS”

  1. Cheryl A. Rice Says:

    Dr.- I can’t bear to listen to it again. The clip on the news this a.m. was enough. If all the energy that’s put into homophobic endeavors such as the prevention of gay marriage (a “shortcut” as Levine put it, to the same rights and supports that straight couples have)was actually applied to the life and death issues that surround us (soaring health care costs, environmental distruction, domestic abuse), we would maker faster, better progress.

    The problem I see with conservatives is their selectiveness about the issues they do address. If they are so committed to the health of the nuclear family, even as narrowly as they define it, they’d be in the forefront of the battle against such hate crimes as rape, child pornography, and other atrocious activities that they are for the most part silent about.

    Why do they spend so much time worrying about who loves who? Marriage isn’t and has never been strictly about love. It’s an economic endeavor, and allowing gays free access to that same economic support can only be a plus.

    I’m just worried that when it passes, I’ll have both my straight and gay friends nagging me about when my boyfriend and I are getting married (if ever)!!!

    Happy Spring… C

  2. Well where to begin… This argument of losing religious liberty doesn’t fly with me. This idea of religious institutions being forced to marry gay people is hogwash. Are Catholic priests forced to marry a Jewish couple? Is a Rabbi forced to marry a Christian couple? NO! So why would any clergy person be forced to marry a gay or lesbian couple? It will not happen.
    This notion that marriage is a religious institution is flawed. If marriage is a religious institution then try going back to your church or synagogue to get a divorce? You can’t because it is a state contract that needs to be nullified by the state. Clergy always say “by the powers vested in me by the state of” that is because they are performing a marriage on behalf of the state. Actually officiates do not marry couples. The two people marry each other and the officiate is the witness to the marriage. Besides which about 50% of the population who marry, marry in a civil non religious marriage.
    We in the U.S. are one of the few countries in the world that allow Clergy to solemnize marriages. In 90% of the countries you must get married by a government official for your marriage to be legal and then you can have your religious ceremony concurrently or afterwards.
    Marriage has always evolved over time. It was about property and dowry its only since the late 1800’s it was about love.
    As to the issue of children needing a mother and father. What about all those single straight people that have children out of wed lock.
    We as gay couples believe in and support marriage that is why we want it. We are pro Marriage. Marriage validates our commitment to each other and those in society that become part of our lives. Do the Christian thing and spend your money on fighting poverty, homelessness, sex education and finding home for needy children whether adopted by straight or gay people. Every child deserves a loving family whether its a mom and dad, two dads, two moms or a dad or a mom.

  3. You did a fine job moderating the discussion. I would have had a hard time keeping my mouth shut.
    I found Shaun Marie Levine’s responses to Ross Levi’s reasoned statements, well, incredibly lame.
    When Mr. Levi listed a few of the rights granted to married couples, such as inheriting without a will, or being able to make health care decisions for a partner, she responded that they should just be sure to have a will, or be sure to fill out a health care proxy. This strikes me the same as saying “If you’re not allowed in the front, why not just sit in the back of the bus?”
    On the broader question of the sanctity of marriage, just as I would be ashamed to belong to a club that excluded blacks or jews, I feel the exclusivity of marriage , if anything, diminishes my happy marriage of 25 years.

  4. Ruth Kelleher Says:

    Ilistened with interest to this broadcast especially the comments about gays parenting. I have worked in pediatrics for 30+ years and have more concerns about low income, low intellect parenting. Our society is rapidly becoming bottom heavy. The only people practicing birth control are the educated. You need a license to drive a car or cut hair but anyone can reproduce and, believe me, they are doing it at an unprecidented clip! I would like to see legislation that offers anyone on public assistance $1000 cash to have a sterilization procedure. Am I am a democrate – just a pragmatic one!!

  5. Randy Says:

    I agree completely with Marc Rosenthal’s comment above. Is this what has become of political conservatism? I can understand on some level how anti-gay bigotry occurs in those are led like sheep by religious fundamentalist zealots, but it is duplicitous for political conservatives to claim “protection” of “traditional marriage” or “family values” so they can attack Democrats for their support for equality of civil rights. If they really believed in historical marriage, they would work to make divorce illegal, except when the wife is unfaithful, the wife would have no say in whom she is to marry, and mutual love would be irrelevant. I’ve never seen an anti-gay marriage supporter present a rational argument in their favor, or address any of the counter arguments.

  6. cesi Says:

    I oppose gay marriage. I have a young son and would hate for him to grow up thinking that two men together is normal. I have a right to raise my son the way I was raised with morals. I knew when they took prays out of schools we were in trouble/

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