Pulling out my crystal ball for 2010

So, dear readers, below are my predictions for the coming year.

Remember the rules: Some are things I want to happen, some are things I don’t want to happen, and some are things I believe will happen.

Here we go:

The Great Barrington Selectmen will announce they are fixing the sidewalk on one of the main pedestrian entrances into town that annually becomes either an ice skating rink or a wading pool. Selectman Buddy Atwood will slam his hand on the table and thunder, “We are always worrying about getting sued — this is a lawsuit waiting to happen.”

While they are fixing things, the Selectmen will demand that taxpayer money that has been sunk into the Mason Library should result in extended hours so that students and adults who are occupied during the day will have a place in which to read and study.

The extended hours still won’t happen.

I predict that the next time I am asked to support an initiative of the library, I won’t do it.

Three county restaurants will receive major awards. They will be Cafe Adam in Great Barrington, Rouge in West Stockbridge, and Trattoria Rustica in Pittsfield.

Pittsfield Mayor Jimmy Ruberto will lose his temper with a blogger and sue the blogger for everything he or she has. That person will deserve it, and a legal precedent will be set when the courts rule against the blogger.

One Supreme Court Justice will be heard saying to a colleague: “You wouldn’t believe the lies these people are telling about me. It’s time to put a stop to this nonsense.”

The district attorney will announce a series of drug-related arrests in South County. Some people will be shocked when they learn that one of the young people arrested comes from a prominent family.

State Rep. Dan Bosley will challenge Speaker Robert DeLeo for the top job in the House of Representatives. Bosley will fail in the attempt and will announce he is leaving to go into a new career in banking. His previous work on banking issues will put him in good stead, and he quickly will amass a huge stable of clients.

State Rep. Smitty Pignatelli will be made chairman of one of the most prestigious committees in the House.

Club Helsinki finally will open in Hudson, N.Y. There will be a regular contingent of Berkshirites heading across the state line to visit. Unfortunately, Great Barrington’s loss of Helsinki to Hudson will start a great debate about “Who lost Helsinki?” You might be surprised about what you’ll hear.

A magazine will fold.

A prominent town manager will leave for much greener pastures.

The charter school application for Great Barrington will be rejected. The state will write the committee that is trying to put it together, saying that this is not the time for a charter school in a high performing area when other more at-risk districts need the charters more. They also will make note of the fact that the community seems to be overwhelmingly opposed to a new charter that will drain badly needed resources from existing schools.

Great Barrington will buy the Fairgrounds and establish a dog park.

North Adams Mayor John Barrett will score a great job that will utilize his tremendous understanding of what it takes to be a mayor.

Mass MoCA will dream up an art exhibit that will leave the art world agog.

Laurie Norton Moffatt, director and CEO of the Norman Rockwell Museum, will be featured in a national women’s magazine.

James Taylor and his wife, Kim, will be honored at the White House.

You, dear reader, will have a happy, healthy, safe and prosperous New Year.

Originally Published in the Berkshire Eagle, 12/19/09

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