Real New Yorkers should understand freedom of religion

Remember Nelson Mandela and his concept of “truth and reconciliation”? In politics, you never know what will catch fire. Right now, it’s the mosque at or near ground zero (depending who you are listening to.) If, for example, you listen to right wing, Republican gubernatorial hopeful, multi-millionaire Carl Paladino, the mosque scheduled to be built near ground zero is an affront to every American and more specifically to the Americans and foreigners who were killed in that awful attack. Furthermore it is a jab in the eye of the American people because, he says, the people who are putting up the mosque are “jihadists,” the very group of people who are responsible for bringing down the World Trade Center towers.

According to Paladino, jihadists are the people who flew the planes into the buildings and who want to cause incredible harm to all of us. He is not alone in his opposition — some of the relatives, but certainly not all, of those killed in the attacks are opposed as is the Anti-Defamation League, a major Jewish organization that usually speaks out for religious tolerance and understanding. Paladino and people like Pat Buchanan want to know where the money to build “Cordoba House” is coming from. Clearly, there is a suggestion that it is coming from the very Muslims who want to kill us. But, as with almost everything, there is another side to all of this.

Mayor Michael Bloomberg and a lot of New York clergy, including several prominent rabbis, believe that New York has to be receptive to all religions and that’s the very thing terrorists are against. They believe that constitutionally mandated religious tolerance is at stake here. These good people reject the Paladino line that is clearly intended to scare the stuffing out of New Yorkers.

The Bloomberg view of religious diversity and tolerance is precisely the kind of thing that New Yorkers, real New Yorkers, have always subscribed to. Put another way, if New Yorkers don’t understand the intellectual issue here, no one will. We all know the maxim that if you make an exception and allow the government to pick on one religion, there will be no stopping the power of government from picking on any religion.

Surely, every religion and ethnic group including Jews and Irish and Italians should know about this. Our parents and grandparents all faced it. Every group was called names when they got here. We were all “the enemy.” Even Paladino, who is very busy tossing this red meat to the lions, is forced to acknowledge that more than 99 percent of Muslims are good people. He says that the “jihadists” who are putting up the proposed mosque have named it “Cordoba House” because of the tension between Christians and Muslims in Cordoba, Spain.

Such towering intellects as former Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin have sided with the anti-mosque crowd. No matter how much those who want to put up the mosque claim that they see this project as a way to bring people together; to leave no one out, and to honor those who were killed in the 9-11 attacks, there will be fear mongers ready to exploit the situation. They say that those flying the planes will be honored in the mosque, and we hear that the mosque and others like it will be used to train future terrorists. There is no substantiation to this, but these rumors continue unabated. Too many people are ready to hear this.

There are more than a billion Muslims. Even the vitriolic, fear-mongering Paladino admits that most of these people are good. The more we discredit the religion, the more we alienate the entire faith, the more of these people we will drive away. Mike Bloomberg’s eyes welled up with tears the other day as he argued that those Americans who died on 9-11 should be remembered for dying in the name of religious tolerance and that the killers who brought down the towers were an affront to that tolerance. Mike Bloomberg is obviously a hero for being a leader and a teacher, and those who understand that are also to be honored. Those who don’t understand the true meaning of the First Amendment are helping to undermine this country and what it has always stood for. That’s a mistake.

Originally published in the Legislative Gazette, 8/10/10

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3 Comments on “Real New Yorkers should understand freedom of religion”

  1. Merv Roth Says:

    And I pray it doesn’t get built so cose to the Trade Center Site. Maybe they could find a nice peaceful site in the country, in Great Barrington.
    It’s not a freedom of religon issue, it’s a freedom from radical religon.

  2. Reina Says:

    I completely agree with your argument. Regarding freedom of religion, there should be no controversy. And if two blocks away from the site isn’t far enough away, what is? Fifty blocks? Off of the island? Out of the state? NYC blocks are really big, as I recall. That said, the onus should be on the Muslim religious leaders to be sensitive to the wishes of the victims (Americans in general, New Yorkers in particular). Yes, it will say more for us as a country to not interfere with the building of the cultural center. But the imams are responsible for making amends for their fringe members in the same way that the pope is responsible for making amends on behalf of pedophile clergy. Wouldn’t it be win-win if at the end of the day New Yorkers said “okay” to the mosque and Muslims said “okay” to building a little farther from Ground Zero?

  3. andy Says:

    Alan, I called into Vox Pop today and came to the website looking for a place to post, because I thought you would really be interested in seeing the Daryll Lang blog post below. I keep getting error messages when I try to go to a VoxPop page, so here seemed good enough.

    You can call me arrogant if you wish, but my point was not that my comments were more valuable than those of other callers. You asked another caller if she thought airing a call-in show on this subject was the right thing to do, and my feeling was no. Not because of the callers, but because I felt you guys, as journalists, have a greater responsibility to provide information and context on this situation. The “issue” of the “Ground Zero Mosque” really exists primarily as a media creation driving by publicity folks on the rabid right. To treat it as “news” without giving some background on the situation is in my opinion, irresponsible, and only serves to fan the flames. I’m sorry if I was less than completely eloquent about this on the air, but my feelings haven’t changed.

    Anyhow, the links I thought you would enjoy taking a look at are as follows:

    A few photos of stuff the same distance from the World Trade Center as the “Ground Zero Mosque”:

    The actual information on the Park 51 project, which will include a mosque, but is not in and of itself a mosque.

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