Hispanic wave could devour GOP

More than half the population of the United States is now Hispanic. Think about that, Lou Dobbs. Think about that, conservative Republicans.

I guarantee those who have taken an anti-Hispanic immigration stance have now cut their own throats. They have done it by disagreeing with their own senior politicians like the Bushes, who have been trying to figure out how to give a pathway to citizenship to undocumented Hispanics. They have done it by passing stricter and meaner Arizona-type immigration laws.

In fact, the Republicans and their tea party brethren are doing no less than committing political suicide. Sooner or later, the Hispanic population in this country will use their immense political clout to demand better treatment. Once they vote in appropriate numbers, they will elect the Democrats who have traditionally been in their corner.

In fact, they will elect Democrats in huge numbers.

So, you ask, “How come the conservatives have been able to win office by coming down hard on immigration and what makes you think all Hispanics will side with the undocumented?”

Part of this is instinct, part of this is history, and part of this is pure political science. Hispanics in this country certainly know that the reaction to the undocumented is an attack on them and their culture. There are those who will disagree. Polls among the Hispanic population that are carefully crafted to elicit the right answer may suggest that Hispanics will agree that you should be “legal” to get here.

But you had better believe that the Hispanic population knows what the Jews and the Irish and the Italians knew when they showed up on America’s shores. They can smell it, the way Jews knew it when they were subjected to anti-Semitic epithets and the Irish were told they need not apply and the Italians suffered under the W word.

Californians ran to deny the children of undocumented aliens decent treatment. They passed a proposition to deny health care and hospital care to the undocumented. A federal court called the effort unconstitutional. Their so-called proposition was quite popular but when they passed it, the Republicans were doomed. Hispanics will never forget it. The president of the United States was a community organizer first. The only question now is how long it is going to take for our Hispanic population to organize, vote and take power.

Any student of Hispanic culture understands the emphasis placed on the family and on education. In a relatively few years, our medical schools and our finest universities will be filled with men and women with Hispanic surnames. These folks will never, ever forget who was with them and who was against them. If you don’t understand that, just read your history. It is as inevitable as the sun rising in the east.

I love Mary Marcy. She is one great political scientist and one great lady. She has been the perfect leader for Bard College at Simon’s Rock.

Like so many others in the rest of the nation, she’s heading west — in her case, it’s to lead Dominion University of California. This is a terrible loss for Bard College.

Under her tenure and that of board Chairwoman Emily Fischer, the college has grown and prospered. She is smart and persuasive; both nice and firm in defending her positions. She speaks to people in a way that will not alienate them. We could all learn from her.

If I were the board of Bard College, I would have made her the president of the college and not left her as provost and vice president. I would not have changed the name of the college to Bard College at Simon’s Rock. Their loss is huge and one can only wonder what egoistic force has caused this to come about.

Originally published in the Berkshire Eagle, 3/26/11

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One Comment on “Hispanic wave could devour GOP”

  1. Harvey in Scotia and NYC expatriate Says:

    First, Alan, Free Speech is only free when you accept the thoughts of others and enable them to be heard. The Europeans thought by many to be the origin of most of our democratic concepts, including of course Greece, and even earlier civilizations, have an interestinbg attitude and behaviot towards immigration. They hate it and continually legislate aganist it. Witness the current Libyan rulers sending his chief weapon North Africans those hired as guest workers and now being used as weapons to flood europe with immigrants. Instead the Europeans have kept them in horrific camps away in a small Italian island. Point is, only the elite, of which many are financial aupporters of WAMC support an illegal influx of “immigrants” to the US. You claims that the majority of the US population is hispanic is like claiming that drug dealers dom,inate the US/Mexican border. This is bogus logic because of the 1965 Immigration laws which discriminated aganist European immigration. My point is that being Jewish and recognizant of what the immigrants like my grandparents looked like in the 1910’s, coming to the United States from Europe and creating ghetos; they created environments that looked very much like the immigrants’s envirpnment current today here. The reality is that until 1965 the majority of immigrants adhered to the immigration laws or were literally returned to where they came from. Now anyone who comes to the US to work, sends most of their salaries back to their country of origin is considered by WAMC to be an immigrant. Instead of historical assimulation we defend their behavior by providing them excessive financial support. In fact it is estimated that 1/3 of the GNP of Mexico is the wages of illegal workers in the US! Now I do understand the need for immigration, and not to go to the extremes of the anti-immigration policies of the Europeans. I look at the immigration policy of Mexico as a good example of where we should go. Legal Immigration is needed as the vitamin of American achievement has it always has been. The German model of guest worker is something to be considered. In conclusion if you believe the nonsensne that half of the US is Hispanic than that’s fine too. Just never forget that free speech is only free if you don’t like what you hear and print it anyway, or you become a republican.

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