Trump-style lunacy can be dangerous

In the end, Donald Trump is a symptom of what ails America. He prevaricates out of convenience. The question is whether his unfair rhetoric will make him president.

Because our political discourse is so complicated, many people don’t really understand a lot and that’s when the troublemakers take advantage. Trump’s behavior is reminiscent of all those unhappy, unhealthy and often self-serving people that come into our lives from time to time. We have all seen examples of this behavior, often exhibited by people with no sense of self-worth.

So what was Trump up to when he espoused the “birther” issue? It is hard to believe that the man didn’t know what so many others in America know: That a bunch of looped loonies started appealing to the underlying racist marginals in this society by claiming that Barack Obama was not born in this country. In fact, recent polling has shown that too many Americans either believed these lies about the president’s place of birth or said that they weren’t certain.

Pure and simple, this is an example of how divisive political propaganda can be used to win political elections. It’s taking a page from people like Nazi propagandist Joseph Goebbels. Furthermore, it’s proof that the stupider this country becomes, the more likely it is that the wing-nut fringe and political opportunists can make this kind of nonsense and bad thinking fly.

Some of the people spreading the lies are criminals. Some are sociopaths who have yet to make any positive contribution. Since they have no public forum of their own, they show up on the blogs, egging one another on and writing post after post telling one untenable lie after another until people want to throw up. That is to be expected.

It’s one thing when we are talking about people who couldn’t win an election based on popular appeal or about those who have run for office and have been soundly and roundly rejected by the people. But when a character like Trump, a TV personality, goes as far as to question the president of the United States about his birth certificate, we are seeing something a lot more serious. When huge numbers of Americans buy into the nonsense, we are looking at a very dangerous time. Quite often, as history has shown us, demagogues and lunatics show up when times are bad. We saw it in the ‘30s and we are seeing it now. When people are desperate enough, they will turn to anyone riding the white horse. When he shows hints of racism, too many Americans are willing to excuse it.

We know that Obama presenting his formal birth certificate won’t silence anybody. This is surely not the end of it. An embarrassed Trump has already said that it was he who made Obama show the document and then questioned why the process took so long. I don’t get it. Why should Obama have been made to show his birth certificate any more than you or I? With people whose main agenda is personal advancement and exploitation, the truth is hardly the issue. When he raises the next (and then the next) set of questions, he just proves to us that he couldn’t give a rat’s behind about the truth.

I’ve seen these people all my life. There is a special place down below reserved for them because they just don’t care who they hurt. They don’t care about Obama or his wife or his kids. They don’t care about the American citizenry. They care about themselves. But the real tragedy is that they are willing to tear us asunder as a nation. Let’s face it, if there is any critical thinking in this country, Donald Trump will not get the nomination and will not be president but someone ought to call him up short.

Originally published in the Berkshire Eagle, 4/30/11

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2 Comments on “Trump-style lunacy can be dangerous”

  1. Harvey Says:

    It is agreed that Donald Trump is a bully and blowhard. Like you, me, and Donald Triump he is a true New Yorker. If you think that he became a “birther” nut for a political reason than you should leave WAMC. Nor is he the horrible things that you called him. This blowhard enabled us to see the “birth certificate” of our President. he outdid everyone in a short time because of his massive ego and the need to increase the ratings of his rediculous TV program that is a significant part of his income. Likewise I voted by Obama, but to see him treat a constituent in such a horrific way only demonstrates how wrong this guy is for the job. When Hillary, who should have been our President was a candidate, Bill was asked about Obama. His response was simple,”…This guy is a joke!.” Now fast forward to now, have you, bad example, because you’re rather wealthy, seen the dramtic increase of the costs of living in this country? The national Government ironically under Bush decided to remove the increases of energy and food from the consumer price index. Of course the costs of energy and food have increased so incredibly under Obama that too many Americans every day must choose between eating and staying warm. Trunp is not a candidate for anything and you giving him substance by your comments diverts from the questionable Presidency of Obama. We have a President that is led by lack of real world experience advisors that have no problems paying for energy and food. Obama is worse than Bush, because at least Bush had some justification whereas Obama has turned our military into the Hessians of the World. Obama’s foreign policy is to prepare the world for Chinese investments at the expense of the country that he was elected to lead, like the Chinese control of Iraqi oil exports.

  2. Nyharvey Says:

    Let me append my previous comments about Obama by including that the United States is now engaged in the direct use of the United States Miltary to protect profitable Chinese oil production in Afgnanistan. Incredibly the Unired States Government has been silent about Afghanistan giving China oil production contracts. My resolution for the New Year for Mr. Obama and his crew is to take a few graduate history courses.This nonsenne about Arab Spring is simply the conversion of the most stable Middle Eastern regimes into fundamentalist Islam regimes. Watch what happens to the rights of women as consequences of these “revolts” significantly funded by the United States. Ironic that the monster Quadafi’s judge/jury/execution death by American-funded funadmentalist Islamics maniancs ended the payments of Americans who suffered from his hands-on destruction of a commercial aircraft in Scotland. . Midlle Eastern Culture is a lot different than Western Culture. It started in the 7th Century when a philosophy by a proponent of slavery burned all the books and knowledge like a guy with a funny mustache did in the 1930’s. I’m sure Alan would be a great tutor

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