Breaking down bin Laden

Murray, the world’s cutest dog who was taught how to speak, read and write by the good people at the Literacy Network of South Berkshire, was waiting for me when I got home from work the other night. He wanted to be picked up and I obliged.

He licked my face and said, “Pops, Pops, I couldn’t wait for you to come home so I could ask you about Osama and Obama. I heard on the radio — Mom always leaves it on for me when she goes out to do her art — that at great peril to themselves, Navy Seals landed in Osama bin Laden’s compound and killed him.

“First the radio said that he was armed and resisted, but then the White House announced that he wasn’t armed,” Murray continued. Then we heard that he was buried at sea, according to Islamic law. Pops, if he wasn’t armed, why didn’t we just arrest him and bring him back for trial?

“Plus, we heard that the Seals took pictures but then the president said that he wouldn’t release the images because doing so might incite violence. The ferocious doberman down the street thinks that the president did the right thing. Did he, Pops? Did he?”

“Well, Murray,” I said to the dog with the cute pink tongue, “You raise a lot of good questions. Sometimes in life there are things we would like to do but we can’t because of other exigencies. For example, we know that our Constitution calls for trial by jury. Osama didn’t get that. It’s dangerous when a president is allowed to sign a death warrant for an enemy of the United States. I mean, there are previous presidents who might have characterized me as a dangerous enemy.

“Then there is the question of that pictures that the president ordered suppressed,” I told Murray. “We showed the bullet-ridden bodies of the sons of Saddam Hussein, and we saw the unofficial video of Saddam’s hanging. On the other hand, Saddam was not suggesting that he was a religious Muslim while Osama was. So, when the president said that he didn’t want that picture out there because it could incite violence among some people, he may have had a good point. But it does seem more than a little ironic that we could bust into the guy’s house, shoot him even though he wasn’t armed and then suggest that we had to bury him in a respectful manner.

“That leads us to the next issue,” I said, “the behavior of the people who ran out into the streets and celebrated bin Laden’s death. After 9/11, Americans were saddened and alarmed to see some people in other countries partying in the streets, celebrating the death of more than 3,000 Americans. I still think that was part of our motivation to get Osama and the conspirators at all costs. The president suggested that some of those celebrating were being patriotic. I think that may have been a mistake.

“It can’t be easy to be the President of the United States. President Obama’s re-election campaign just got a mighty boost. Part of the consideration here may be political. This president may well have been seeing through the camera mounted on the Seal’s helmet as Osama was actually executed. All of a sudden, an ‘indecisive’ president was anything but and that seems to make a big difference to a lot of Americans.

“Sometimes, Murray, you really can’t do the right thing. We may never know what bin Laden knew. We may never know why he was shot on the spot. We don’t know whether part of the plan was to prevent him from gaining a worldwide soap box at trial. If you look really carefully at President Obama, you see a man whose hair is turning grayer, day by day.

“Do you understand, Murray?” I asked the little dog.

“I think so,” said Murray.

Originally published in the Berkshire Eagle, 5/7/2011

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One Comment on “Breaking down bin Laden”

  1. Harvey in Scotia and NYC expatriate Says:

    The question of the relevancy of Bin Laden seems to be of greater significance that the actual heroic action of the US Military. I appreciated the Clinton Administration in considering the question of terrorism to be horrific criminal actions. Oc course Bill made the mistake of not properly listening to his national security advisior who as the historians have learned was right most of the time. Bill’s decision prevented the war hysterics of the subsequent administrations and the transfer of most of our national wealth from the American middle class to the predator economy of China. Few remember, it seems, how the “media talking heads,” said this country was doomed and we would soon be a colony of Japan. Sound familiar? now it’s China. I think the forced re-education of the American people into thinking that Islam should be considered a great religion is beyond ludicrous, since with specificiuty, since exactly which religion is the vehicle and justification for terrorism today? However the talking heads bobble on when there is obvious official support for it by Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, and just about every tyranical Arab regime. The irony is that the official behavior of Iran may have some justification due to our history there. BUt even in Iran they seem to enjoy America media and our basic style of life. Surprised? Don’t be because Ike had it right. The American Industrial Military Complex always needs an enemy to make money, and the creation of an Endess War suits their shareholders very well. One thing though this Country is hardly doomed, China will self-destruct due to increasing hatred of being foundary for Western consumerism and the destruction of it’s environment and even drinkable water supply. The giggle of the week is of course that Pakistan has hired an American publics relations firm to ensure it continues to received $Billions of what is left of the American middle clasas savings in their bogus fight aganist terrorism or more properly self-entichment. Of course the American public relations firm hired by Pakistan is headed by a bunch of Jews.

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