2016 presidential election will be one for the books

The race for president of the United States is on. It seems pretty clear to me that the Republicans will nominate Chris Christie and the Democratic candidate will be Hillary Clinton. It will be one hell of a race.

Hillary wants the nomination and it is hers for the taking. The other potential Democratic contender, Joseph Biden, pales in the polls against Hillary. The super campaign team of Bill and Hillary is already out on the gate. They are identifying key ethnic and religious groups and showing us the type of A+ politics that left Bill Clinton one of the most popular presidents ever at the time of his last day in office. Of course, you can count on the evil tabloid press to find compromising pictures of Bill at cocktail parties with other women, but no one will do anything but yawn, as in “Been there done that.”

The Clintons have a conservative fiscal Democratic ideology and progressive social ideas. The number one issue for Hillary Clinton will be breaking the glass ceiling for women. She will raise all the money she needs to run and she will have mended fences with the black community who didn’t like the big fight that led up to Barack Obama’s nomination. Since that time, Hillary has done a tour as Secretary of State where she distinguished herself as a loyal lieutenant to Obama. She also picked up a set of creds as the top foreign policy expert in the United States, bar none. Recent photo opportunities with President Obama have left little doubt that he will be there for her when the time comes, despite the fact that she will have to distance herself from Obama on some of his latest difficulties, including the health care mess.

A recent poll showed Hillary beating Chris Christie in New York but showed Christie besting Andrew Cuomo. Apparently, New Yorkers remember their former senator with great fondness. In considering a vice presidential nominee, I suspect they will take a long hard look at Governor Deval Patrick of Massachusetts who has distinguished himself in office. He is brilliant, a top lawyer and guaranteed to prove attractive to the African American voters who helped the Democrats when Obama ran.

On the Republican side, Chris Christie has proven himself to be a top vote getter. He is the head of the Republican Governors Association, evidence that he has been forgiven for cooperating with President Obama in the wake of Hurricane Sandy. The moment he hugged Obama, a lot of Democrats and independents said, “Hmmm, I could vote for that guy.” Many people think Christie could never win the nomination because of his relationship with the president, but I suspect American voters have had enough of shrill, partisan politics. Here is a guy who knows how to cooperate. He also knows how to make contact with the average voter, which is something that others, including Hillary Clinton, have trouble with. Because he is corpulent and struggles with his weight, he has a lot in common with the rest of us in the fight against fat. As for those Republicans who have been out in the cold for years with no patronage or judgeships, one can only believe that they would like to win. Christie has never given up his conservative credentials and while he has backtracked on some of them, he still has the bragging rights he will need to win. If he gets the nomination, you can bet that Republicans and conservative independents will choose him over Hillary.

Just think about what a debate between these two will look like. Christie will talk about his mother and how thrilled she would have been to see him up on that podium. Hillary will talk policy. Let me assure you that this race will be very close and one for the books.

Originally published in the Legislative Gazette, 12/3/13

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One Comment on “2016 presidential election will be one for the books”

  1. Harvey Says:

    Hillary and Chris Christie as Presidential candidates in 2016, not a chance! Both had their shots at it, the latter as a veep whose erratic behavior doomed him; and Hillary who should’ve, could’ve but didn’t win the Democratic Primary, is over. The irony of Hillary was when her husband said Obama who? To play soothsayer is a lonely profession but I would go with Gary Johnson, as the Republican candidate, and his choice for vp would probably be Jed Bush, For the democrats it wouldn’t surprise me if our own Chuck Schumer was the vp candidate, and its much too early for the top slot. Forget about Andrew Cuomo, he’s all smoke and mirrors. A shame though because I like his speechwriters, but reality is that the best and brightest New Yorkers graduate from one of the finest higher education systems in the world, SUNY, and then vote with their feet. The end of Andrew’s presidential campaign occurred when General Electric closed its Fort Edward manufacturing plant without an objection from the Cuomo Administration that will cause negative economic effects far beyond Fort Edward. In fact all we find with the current Democratic Administration is excellent words, and little action that actually benefits New Yorkers except that NYS is still taxing its citizens to the maximum, there is a record surge in social services, employment is marginal with a decline in actual earnings, except in places like Global Foundries that has to export the majority of its technical workforce and whose profits go to the Middle East, and not Israel. It’s ironic that you pick a could’ve been and erratic NJ Governor that frightened even Romney. Hillary is an interesting person but like her former boss had a similar health insurance plan, which would have like the ACA collapsed due to geometric cost increases. However Allan’s idea of lowering the age of Medicare is remarkable in simplicity and existent competent infrastructure will be taken by either national party in their campaign. Back to NY, its interesting how the current Governor now supports casino gambling, and when he “ran” his father’s losing mayoral campaign to Ed Koch, Mario as NYS Secretary of State was opposed to casino gambling. Like Hillary casino gambling would have made it in 1976, in 2014 it will be a bust. Its interesting how NYS makes a “treaty” with the Native Americans and casino gambling, then goes back on their word. I do predict that one of the remaining shuttered-up resorts in the former Catskills does have a casino, with marginal success.


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