West Stockbridge has a tasty trend happening

I love the town of West Stockbridge. Like nearby Hudson, N.Y., the little town is reinventing itself before our very eyes.

There is the fabulous eatery, Rouge, which is often crowded and filled with locals and not-so-locals. Then there is the wonderful Public Market where I stop, usually every day. Everyone goes there, including our governor who I hope becomes president some day.

Don McGrory has a great oriental carpet shop. And right next door, Don’s wife, Robin Greeson, has Equator. If you’re lucky, you just might get Don, one of the best musicians around, to play some tunes for you. Just around the corner is Baldwin’s hardware where everyone is treated well and right down from there is the great Hotchkiss Mobiles store.

The latest addition is No. 6 Depot, which we’ve been hearing about but finally got to visit. Roselle and I were blown away. The place has that West Stockbridge spirit. It has a lot of space and serves both breakfast and lunch and Friday dinners and has events like an occasional Tango night.

For the team of Lisa Landry and Flavio Lichtenthal, No. 6 is a natural evolution from all they have done. Flavio is a true coffee maven. He imports beans from all over the world with an eye toward the most ethical standards of the industry.

Unlike so many other coffee people, Flavio roasts the beans himself and mixes them to exacting proportions. Flavio’s parents fled Europe during the second World War as Jewish refugees and ended up in Argentina. Then they moved to New York. He did a year at New Paltz, but then began to ply his career in New York. He started restaurant work at some very famous places in Manhattan and Brooklyn. He and Lisa fell in love with the Berkshires just like so many of us do and Flavio worked in different places, mainly at Gould Farm where he did the cooking. He was there for more than 10 years when he and Lisa started No. 6 Depot.

Flavio met Lisa at a restaurant where he was helping out. She had just returned from Italy where she was a translator. Lisa majored in business, so it is not surprising that the two started to wholesale their coffee to some of the best — and I do mean the best — restaurants in the area and beyond. We are talking about Café Adam, the Prairie Whale and Local 111 to just name a few. The couple has two kids, Sebastian and Paolo, who go to local schools.

Flavio and Lisa are committed to a community dining experience. If they have the time, they get to everyone in the place and make them feel welcome. Their spirit is infectious. When we were there last week, sooner or later everybody seemed to be talking to everyone else.

The food and baked goods are terrific. The service is prompt and hospitable and everyone seems to be smiling. Like Lenox and Great Barrington’s fabulous Haven, you place your order and they bring your meal to your table. Our food was terrific. I had my oatmeal and egg with a ton of fruit on it. The coffee was as good as advertized. Flavio has a 1966 Probat machine which is labor intensive but which he loves. Experts also will recognize his equally labor intensive Victorio Arduino espresso machine. Flavio says that he couldn’t use them in New York but that they are perfect in West Stockbridge, which has less pressure.

Flavio raves about his chef, Juanito, who is famous for his Friday night stews. The only night they serve dinner is Friday and there is almost always a Friday night event like Tango night.

Good things are happening in West Stockbridge. I can guarantee that you will love No. 6. Go, and tell them Alan sent you.

Originally published in the Berkshire Eagle, 3/17/14

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