A poke here, a poke there and dessert

I recently completed my annual urology get together with my friend and urologist, Dr. Hugh Fisher. In the course of the visit, we got to talking about an innovation that someone should have thought of and implemented a lot earlier then, well, now.

Many men have at one time or another experienced an elevated PSA reading and/or an inconclusive “digital” examination that has resulted in the inevitable biopsy. In this case, a prostate biopsy involves passing a needle through the skin and into the prostate itself.

Sometimes the urologist takes eight “snips” for biopsy and sometimes 12. Sometimes they work with a kind of anesthesia that dulls the pain and sometimes they do not.

I have been through the process twice.

The problem, unfortunately, is that it can be hit or miss. They stick the needle in a dozen times looking for cancer.

Cancer, of course, can be anywhere in the prostate and if the biopsy needle doesn’t happen to find where the cancer is, they will have a few choices, one of which is to do it again (ouch, ouch) or to abandon the effort. In other words, up to now the examination has been far from perfect.

Now, however, a quantum leap has occurred.

Albany Med is one of the few places that employs Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) to assist with the placement of the needle. The process is known as MRI ultrasound fusion biopsy. The urologists and the radiologists have to work together to make this happen and the chances of finding any suspicious bumps or a possible cancer site are now much improved.

It has taken some time to get here but as one who has gone through the process (all was well) twice, I can only say, good stuff.

On a more pleasant subject, there’s a new restaurant at the top of Railroad Street in Great Barrington where Pearls and Fiori used to be. We went to try Mario’s Tuscany Grill and Bar last Saturday night and we couldn’t believe it.

The line was out the door. We soon found out why.

This place is absolutely extraordinary. It’s been advertised as an Italian food place but this is not a pizza joint. The pasta was perfect. The seafood was perfect. The deserts were just as good, the ambiance is pretty much the same as it used to be under previous proprietors.

Mario’s Tuscany Grill prices are moderate, not expensive and not cheap. Our friend Bonnie wanted to eat out on Tuesday night so went back and the food was just as good as it had been the previous Saturday.

The owners of Mario’s Tuscany Grill are brothers, Harry and Sonny Gutic. For 13 years, they’ve run a restaurant of the same name in Winsted, Conn. where they were approached by Steve Picheny, who owns the building here in Great Barrington.

These people are pros. The food came out relatively fast for this kind of restaurant. The wait staff was superb. I asked for a club soda with a hint of cranberry juice and I got just what I asked for. Roselle had a beautiful Chicken Florentine soup (not too salty) and a spinach salad. I had a salmon dish that fit very nicely into my Weight Watchers program.

On Saturday, we shared an incredible dessert called Portufo. It was as good as anything we’ve ever tasted. That did not fit into my Weight Watchers plan. Luckily I had hoarded enough points to get in under the daily wire.

Brother Sonny says he is very happy with the way the new restaurant has been received. He reports great feedback from customers and reminds us that when the weather gets better, there will be outside dining. We are so lucky to have so many great restaurants in Great Barrington.

Originally published in the Berkshire Eagle, 3/24/14

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