Fearless predictions for 2015

Here are my fearless predictions for 2015. First, though, a quick refresher on the rules. Some of these predictions are made so that something I am afraid might happen will not happen because I predicted it would happen and thereby put the double whammy on it. Don’t you see?

In other cases, I predict that something will happen because I want to see it happen so I predict it will happen to make it happen. Finally, there are some things I predict will happen because I really think that they will happen. It is up to you, dear reader, to figure out which is which. Here goes:

I predict that outgoing Gov. Deval Patrick will secretly agree to repeated entreaties from Hillary Clinton to be her vice presidential running mate. Patrick genuinely doesn’t want to do it. He wants back in the private sector but he is committed to a progressive government and does not want to see the Republicans gain the last branch of government that they don’t already control. Patrick adds balance to his ticket. His presence will offer encouragement to people of color to get out and vote. He will prove crucial to the ticket.

I predict that Gov. Charlie Baker will follow the script of his Republican predecessors and become best friends with the incoming Senate President, Stan Rosenberg. He’ll understand that he can’t do anything without a friend in high places. He will have some major resistance from the lower house. Maybe coincidentally, maybe not, two state reps will be indicted.

Educational politics in Great Barrington will heat up big time. Emboldened by their anti-tax initiative, the pushers of that group will demand to be included in a power-sharing arrangement with the School Committee and the Selectmen. They will be rebuffed and the leader of the rebel group will be unceremoniously thrown off the town Finance Committee with two of her colleagues.

There will be yet another major attempt to combine the Berkshire Hills and Southern Berkshire districts. This time the move may actually pass.

The Berkshire County District Attorney will announce that he will be seeking an indictment in the up to now unsolved Dugway Road murder in Stockbridge.

Williams College will announce that its professors will only teach one course every other semester and that they will get a full year’s sabbatical every other year. One alumnus will gripe, “Enough is enough.” The MCLA faculty and the Berkshire Community College faculty will suggest that Williams is giving all hard-working faculty a bad name.

U.S. Rep. Richard Neal, D-Springfield, will announce a major grant for the Berkshires. Even people on Great Barrington’s Hill who voted for a left wing alternative will say, “Boy, were we wrong!”

The Wassaic stop on the railroad will have a spanking new restroom! One wag will be heard to say, “What in the world took them so long? Now maybe we’ll have a chance to get a hamburger and a cup of coffee. Maybe they’ll give the Four Brothers a chance for a franchise. Hey, if you can get food in Grand Central, why not here?”

A bad person will try to buy the Berkshire Eagle. If he succeeds, I’m gone.

The federal government will investigate a well-known speed trap in Egremont.

The Berkshire baby boom will continue unabated.

Housatonic will continue on a roll along with Hudson, N.Y. They’ll both compete for the title, “The New Brooklyn.”

Cafe Adam will host a past U.S. president.

You, dear readers, will have a happy and healthy New Year.

Originally published in the Berkshire Eagle, 12/27/14

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