State Needs James Taylor for Senator

Hey, look, it’s this simple: In a potential race against Scott Brown, the polls show that Ed Markey is way behind.

A Scott Brown win would give the Republicans yet another vote in the U.S. Senate. No matter how loudly Brown cries or insists that he is not like those other bad Republicans, in the end, he is. He organizes with them, he’ll vote for Mitch McConnell for leader and when the vote comes up on close political stuff, he’ll be with the Republicans.

So why do Republicans win in a state as blue as Massachusetts? They win because the voters get sick and tired of being taken for granted by the political class. Frankly, they don’t even want to elect people from that class. That’s why we’ve seen a whole string of Republican governors in the Bay State and why, years ago, Ed Brooke was elected senator. When it comes to high political office, Massachusetts is a competitive state despite the fact that the registration is overwhelmingly blue.

Massachusetts people are among the most educated, bright and thoughtful in this country. They see Deval Patrick and know he’s the real thing. They go for competence and brains.

This time there will be no Barack Obama at the head of the ticket to bring out the Democratic vote. If Ed Markey isn’t going to win, who can? What Massachusetts needs now is a hero — someone who every working man and woman can relate to; someone from outside of the political class.

I believe that James Taylor is that person.

JT, who famously followed that road “from Stockbridge to Boston,” is as much of a hero to the people of the Bay State as General Henry Knox was.

Not only is he one of the most celebrated singers in the world who can fill any stadium, but he is also a brilliant thinker and, most of all, a person who can relate to the problems we all face in life. He has gone head to head with his own personal demons and stands as a symbol for each of us who struggles with our own issues. He is us and he will win overwhelmingly.

What kind of a Democrat is he? Every insider knows what the Democratic Party owes Taylor. Over the years, he has worked tirelessly for Democratic candidates, raising tens of millions of dollars for the effort. We all know how generous he has been in raising funds for the Boston Symphony Orchestra. His devotion to the Red Sox organization is well known.

He is man of integrity and great principles. He is not one of the denizens of the Congress, hanging around with millionaires and billionaires who will finance his campaigns. Personally, I can tell you how hard he has worked on behalf of public radio, something I will remember to my last breath.

He is committed to his wife, Kim, and their love story is genuine and beautiful. Their twins, Rufus and Henry, are already remarkable young men. Last year when Taylor appeared for free in Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol,” he brought the wonderful Berkshire Theatre Group to the attention of the world.

I have talked politics with Kim and James many times. They are anything but the same old, same old. I tell you, Taylor could win. If I was Deval Patrick, I would nominate him as a temporary replacement for Brown, but this time, I would not suggest that he couldn’t run for a full-time seat. We would be damned lucky to have him. Would he give up his wonderful career to do it? I almost hope not.

If the Democratic establishment keeps up its lemming-like rush to the cliff and nominates Markey, I hope that it turns out I’m wrong. I’d hate to have to say, “I told you so.”

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2 Comments on “State Needs James Taylor for Senator”

  1. Harvey Says:

    Alan this one leaves you wide open. First I enjoy James Taylor and consider him a national treasure but there is a major obstacle to your suggestion, and something obvious from political science. You are a Professor Emeritus and for good reason, this is not a good example. James Taylor is an entertainer and as noble profession as it is, remains an individual who provides entertainment. Many of our political leaders are entertainers without trying very hard. The problem is that employment in the entertainment field is usually based upon calculated luck such as the career of Howard Stern. The gift of an IBM Thinkpad from IBM Wall Street in Manhattan on his birthday many years ago enabled him to develop his craft better. James Taylor is a national treasure based upon his giving and sharing without hesitation his remarkable talent. Bob Dylan says “he’s just a topical singer” and not political. If we start picking our politicians by their entertainment skills then we create a monster. You are converting our aged but remarkably effective political process into a popularity contest. I prefer my politicians to be not just role models but actually knowledgeable about the political office being sought. I like my politicians to be able to express themselves not from training before an audience to entertain but from qualifying knowledge of complicated geopolitical issues. In the midst of a situation similar to current times we elected an actor named Reagan. He seemed to have a nice smile but doomed any meaningful relationship with Iran by engaging the ridiculous Irangate with Colonel Oliver North. Didn’t we learn from Reagan? We have a separation of powers in State and national Government. Likewise I would welcome the suggestion of some that our elected officials be elected because of competency not entertainment talent. I enjoy ripping some old James Taylor albums to my computer however I don’t think he would do so good in Congressional debate about foreign policy. We must pay our entertainers to entertain and out elected officials to lead by making difficult decisions. It is the responsibility of the Mass dems to attract and nurture individuals interested in elective office. I am sure that they can find quite a few individuals interested in elective office. If the leadership of the Mass dems cannot then it is the fault of the Mass dems.

  2. MK Schneider Says:

    James Taylor has NO place in politics. He is a carbon copy of Obama. He is yet another democrat who supports the new health plan for example, which by the way costs more than PPO plans and adds to the worry of the average American worker. Has James Taylor and his wife Kim attempted to pay tuition with Obama’s new seal on college grants which he signed into effect 2012? No, I doubt it. He’s just a rich kid who calls himself a worker, yet he has never worried about a job or worried about telling one’s kid that he cannot pay tuition costs. Oh yes, and he has not had the upset of a cancer diagnosis that drains ones life savings like my family has. He is more of the same bullshit, with a voice. Stick to what you really know James Taylor. You can write about the worker all you like but you have never walked in one’s shoes. But then again, that is exactly what Obama does so go for it.

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